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Can Technology Help You to Clean Your House Efficiently?

Technology has taken over most aspects of human life. Today, there is no doubt that the world runs on software/technology. It is little wonder, therefore, to see numerous House cleaning Sheffield apps introduced in the market. The apps have one primary objective: enabling the user to clean the house more efficiently. All you need to […]

The Technical Achievements of High Frequency Trading

If you aren’t familiar with high-frequency trading, I’ll bring you up to speed a bit, but you may want to read this in-depth guide to familiarize yourself some more.  It goes pretty deep into the nitty gritty from a technical point of view but also legal, regulatory and practical affects of the practice. What I […]

Out on the Town in NYC

A bit of a departure from the normal posts I wanted to get a little bit personal today.  Nothing serious, just a little light-hearted post about my first vacation as a married man.  I’m taking my lovely wife Natalie to the Big Apple, New York City!  And I’m trying to think of the best ways […]

Washing Machine Saga (UPDATED 2017)

And now for another installment of my personal blog.  This time around I will talk about a recent saga I had with a broken washing machine.  It was one filled with frustration, flooding, fury and a f*ck ton of money (sorry for the language).  My hope is that someone might learn a bit from my […]