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The Technical Achievements of High Frequency Trading

If you aren’t familiar with high-frequency trading, I’ll bring you up to speed a bit, but you may want to read this in-depth guide to familiarize yourself some more.  It goes pretty deep into the nitty gritty from a technical point of view but also legal, regulatory and practical affects of the practice. What I […]

Out on the Town in NYC

A bit of a departure from the normal posts I wanted to get a little bit personal today.  Nothing serious, just a little light-hearted post about my first vacation as a married man.  I’m taking my lovely wife Natalie to the Big Apple, New York City!  And I’m trying to think of the best ways […]

Why is My Garage of F**kin’ Mess!

I think I’m a guy with my head screwed on straight.  I pay my taxes, go to the gym 4x a week, watch my carbs and I recycle.  I have a steady job, a great fiance and my bills are all paid on time.  However sometimes certain things start happening in my life that make […]

Should People Really Buy Twitter Followers as a Business Tactic?

Twitter has created and incredible method of allowing increased exposure for businesses and their products and services. This is an incredibly vast platform of communication which allows for an amazing ability to get the word out regarding just about anything one would want. Within this system, the more followers one has the more chances of […]

Welcome to Worklight!

Consumer Web 2.0 tools and services like personalized homepages, gadget and widget frameworks, instant messaging, social networks, and others were built to be easy-to-use, open and ubiquitous. Security, compliance, data integration and other “enterprise-grade” traits were not a design consideration. As such, these technologies are not appropriate for use within the enterprise. But the popularity […]