Best LED Lights For Planted Aquariums

Best LED Lights For Planted Aquariums Reviews 2020

To have plants in the nature and watch them blossom is a miracle of nature to few and task that’s done with ease, but have those same plants potted indoors and the care and the nutrients that it needs varies completely from it’s outside counterpart. While keeping the same ideologies in mind, when one wants to have aquatic plants at home the need for it to be nurtured and cared for is at par with that of potted plants, if not even more significant. To take care of plants is like having a pet, you need to devote your time and energy at all costs to keep them fit and fine. For aquatic plants it differs a little as with proper nutrients and water one also needs to give it ample light for it to be able to do photosynthesis thus, many people choose to use LED lights for that cause although it differs from plant to plant.

Here are the “ Best LED Lights For Planted Aquariums “ :

This product from CURRENT USA is made specifically with a thought on helping people save as much money while providing them with a product which is as efficient as an expensive one. This LED light comes with a 445Nm Blue LED’s and with white LED’s of 6500k which provide the plant with enough light to work on it’s process of Photosynthesis. The device also provides users with multiple modes to work with which allow the user to give the tank the needed amount of light on any given day no matter how the weather is. Moreover the product is easy to set up and comes with realistic effects other than just the white and blue LED’s being lit. Finally this product comes at a reasonable cost of $66.92 and with a 30-days money return policy.

  • Comes with multiple modes.
  • Produces enough light for all aquatic plants
  • The remote might not work at times with sensory issues.

The FINNEX LED lights just like the above one come with different modes to suit different days for the plant. The light comes fully automated and can be adjusted with the help of a remote. The light is also dim able and comes in for different colour schemes which is a 7k multi colored one which not only helps with the photosynthesis but also helps the plants to grow in nice supportive environment. This light has a 30 inch fixture and come with modes which can depict weather like  sunrise and starry nights which provide real life like simulation to the plants. All of this is provided for a just and rightful price of $89.95.

  • Comes with multiple color schemes.
  • 30 inch fixture.
  • Since it is automated if it happens to get hampered it may need direct replacement.

This LED from BEAMS WORK is a great piece of technology which provides the best of lighting and growth to the plants in an aquarium. With an LED light which holds a capacity of 90 W this product provides lighting which is effective to aquatic plants and does not need to be changed for different weather conditions. The device although does provide a system which helps the plants grown with a double mode settings which helps configure between day and night. The device also has a timer system and with 4 different bulbs offers an array of lighting which is helpful with the photosynthesis in a plant. All of this comes available for a price of $139.955

  • Comes with 4 different coloured bulbs.
  • 2 Modes of Day and Night.
  • Has a timer system.
  • Only suited for freshwater plants.

Another product from CURRENT USA, this product is a great choice for those looking for the same features as it’s counterpart but this comes at a much higher cost of $ 242.00. Like it’s other models this one too comes with adjustable features with the help of a remote.Wit a handy remote in place this device provides a really bright 6500k White LED and Red,Green and blue LED system which can also be fluctuated at will. This device can also create many modes to suit the weather like cloud covers and storms which make it a very versatile option for the user. The device also comes with various realistic effects which provide the aquarium with a real world feel to it. The system on this device is all wireless and can be set for a timer which repays every 24 hours. Finally it is easy to install and can be done so without any help from a professional.

  • Multiple modes.
  • Strong and effective lighting.
  • Different modes .
  • Real world effects
  • Expensive.
  • The light might be too strong for few plants.

This particular product from MARINELAND as the name suggests is mainly made for aquatic plants and to provide them with effective lighting. Although very much expensive than the rest at a price of $631.99, the lights sleek design and a greater lighting system this product is worth the money. With a 6500K strong lighting system with white and RGB LED lighting system this provides the plants with a great exposure to lights. The LED also works to reach a depth which most LED lights don’t and provide not only light but also warmth to your aquatic plants. The timer system also makes this a reliable option as it switches on and off in intervals making this a great system for those who keep travelling. Finally it is designed with poly carbonate lens which helps penetrate the depths.

  • Strong lighting.
  • Reaches depths
  • Provides light and warmth.
  • Smart switching on and off provides reliable support.
  • Very Expensive.
  • No dual modes.

Best Buy

Out of all the above mentioned products the one which best fits the title of the “ Best LED Light For Planted Aquarium” is the one mentioned at number three from CURRENT USA. It might be expensive to start with but it provides the necessary details needed by an aquatic plant. With it’s controllable modes it provides the plant with an environment to grow while with it’s powerful lighting it is able to provide the warmth and light that one needs for photosynthesis and also grow well and healthy. Lastly it comes with a remote system so the environment can be altered to your plant.

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