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Best LED Strips For Desk Reviews 2020

In today’s day and age the appearance one has on the outside, has become a matter of judgement and observation. This does not only apply to humans but nearly to all possible places and things, from your bedroom to you kitchen to your office, you are always being watched and observed as people continue to have opinions about the life you live. Since the outward show is of such huge importance even the tiniest of details pay a huge role. Like an athlete’s boots and shoes make more of an imprint in today’s world rather than themselves even we seem to have the same tendency. But with all that said and done do not get me wrong as the way you present yourself is important and there are various ways to do so from your clothing to your grooming all play an important role. But if you want to make your office or study room presentable you can even make use of a LED strip to redecorate your desk and make it look presentable as you.

Here are the “ Best LED Strips For Desk “ :

This LED tape by PHOPOLLO is a tape which helps you get your room decorated easily without any fuss of any kind. This tape consists of 150 individuals 5050 SMD LED emitters which helps operating on low-voltage power and more than 50,000 hours of service life. This LED strip boasts not only boasts color change and the color changing speed it also comes with twenty different colors which is changed with the help of a 44 key IR remote controller. This double sided tape allows for easy installation and provides a wide range of platforms on which it can be stuck. The wires come with double copper layers and has very low temperature due to it’s low voltage intake making it durable and at the same time resistant to heat. All of this comes available for a price of $17.99.

  • Comes with a remote controller.
  • Can be stuck on any platform.
  • Durable with it’s double copper layers.
  • The connection might be harder to connect depending on the wireless connection.

This LED system from MINGER is quite similar to the above mentioned product except for few noticeable changes. This too is an LED lighting with a 150 premium 5050 SMD LED’s and also a total distance of 16.4 feet. The LED light is waterproof and has the ability to change colors according to the user’s mood with the tape offering 16 multi-color options which can be controlled with an IR remote control.

The material used is a multi-layered copper wire on the PCB board which keeps the colored wires completely even. The LED tape is also double sided and can be cut with a scissor after every three LED lights. This allows the light to be put in any surface possible and offers versatility. This is provided for a price of $18.99.

  • Waterproof.
  • Remote Controlled.
  • Lesser color schemes.

This product from DAYBETTER as the name suggests is made so to make your day better, even if not practically but with it’s shine and colorful display it can make a hard long day be forgotten in few minutes. The tape comes as an adhesive tape which is durable than most tapes available on the market and can be stuck anywhere indoors. The LED tape comes with a greater color scheme which offers around 44 colors to work with which in return can also be dimmed if too flashy for few. All the lights are energy friendly due to it’s 12 volt adapter and it is safer to touch. With all that said the company also offers a complete refund or an exchange within 18 months while being available for a cost of $18.99.

  • Energy saving.
  • Dimming service available.
  • Can be too flashy for few.

Another product from the DAYBETTER, this particular product is made to give your personal space a makeover it deserves the way you would want it. This tape comes with an adhesive tape which is durable and also at the same time applicable to your use on any indoor surface. The IR remote available helps dim the lights and at the same time offers a much better and larger color scheme which gives you a color for every mood. The LED strips can be cut with cut spots left after every 3 LED lights for convenient use. This particular tape offers a complete refund or exchange if the product does not function to it’s capabilities within the first 12 months of purchase. All of this comes available fora great price of $37.99.

  • Comes with larger color schemes.
  • Durable adhesive tape.
  • Comes with cut spots for easy fixation in any indoor spots.
  • The remote only works to a distance of 26 Feet.

This Tape by GOVEE is a 32 ft log tape which is durable and able to go around the entire house if distributed evenly. This particular piece from GOVEE can also be connected to an Alexa or a Google assistant which means the light can be simply operated with a voice command, even if the voice control fails one is able to easily use their phone to use the GOVEE HOME mobile app to control the lights. The tape also has a very vivid color schemes with almost 16 million colors available to choose from. The light is also smart in many ways as it follows hand claps, music and other musical instruments while flashing in the same rhythm. The tape comes with 5050 LED’s which give a great shine while the adhesive tape makes it durable. All of this comes available at a price of $55.99.

  • Smart lights which follow the environment and good for parties.
  • Can be connected to Alexa or Google Home.
  • Expensive than the rest.

Best Buy

From all the above mentioned products the one which best suits the statement of “ Best LED Strips For A Desk” is the one from GOOVE . Although it is not made specifically for tables it can be used on tables and more places due to it’s 32 ft length. It is smart and can be connected to Alexa or Google home. Even though it is the costliest from all mentioned products it is also the most appealing one too.

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