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Best LED Strips For PC Reviews 2020

In today’s world presentation is an important skill to bear, whether it be the presentation of one self or the presentation of their surrounding, we live in a world which is judged by how well we carry ourselves. For long people have viewed their Personal Computers to be an object which is not very fashionable with the design being a little fancy only after the production of gaming computers. Though that is no more the case as one can chose to modify their PC with either an outer perspective or company rebuild, or rather edit it according to their personal choices like pasting stickers and plastic add-on, but the most counter productive way would be by getting some LED strips which give your computer a completely refurbished look and in your own style and perspective.

Here are the “ Best LED Strips For PC “ :

This LED strip light from LAMPEE is an excellent product that offers superior balanced support and brightness to the user. With the LED lights being attached to your PC, the lights help create a beautiful ambiance for the user while the lights are also helping his or her eyes adjust to darker environments. The piece offers 16 different shades of color and four dynamic modes, giving the user a lot of different options for various moods. The lights come with an RF remote, which, unlike other remotes, can be accessed even from a 360-degree angle, the light’s are naturally easy to access with a simple USB plug-in. At the same time, the low temperature provides for high efficiency. Lastly, the tape comes with double sides and can be stuck with ease while being available for a price of $ 13.99.

  • 4 Dynamic modes.
  • Accessible RF remote.
  • Easy to set up and access.
  • Limited color schemes to work with.

This LED light kit from SUNNEST comes provided with 4 LED strips. The LED strip comes with a 24 button remote, which has a working distance of about 8 to 10 meters. The product comes with 16 colors and four modes, which allow the user to chose a particular theme of his or her personal choice. The piece is offered with a USB interface and can help reduce strain caused by bright light exposure in a dark environment. The strip also comes with a double-sided adhesive tape, which allows the piece stick without the risk of falling off and giving a beautiful clean look. Lastly, it has a lower energy consumption and does not give off heat at high temperatures making it even compatible with children. All of this comes provided for $14.99.

  • Double sided adhesive tape provides a great strong hold.
  • Low energy Consumption.
  • Limited colour schemes.

As the name suggests, this particular product is for those with a lit soul and want a PC as lit as it. Jokes aside, this particular product offers a wide array of color choices with about 16 million-plus static colors to chose from and about 20 dynamic modes. This allows the user to create an environment as he or she wishes to without many hurdles. The LED light also reacts to your ambiance with the lights syncing to the music and even giving a mood that equals to a party. The LED light also comes with added features such as a schedule that can follow, a dimmable option, and even a memory function. The lights can be controlled from an app on your phone and do not need an RF remote of any sort. The S-shaped PCB allows the strip to bend to any fora it wants, which makes it easier to install even in tight spaces. Lastly, the piece is made of adhesive sponge that can stick to any surface and comes with a three-month refundable option. All of this comes available for a price of $ 15.97.

  • 16 million+ static colors and 20 modes to choose from.
  • Controlled from an app.
  • Flexible and easy to install.
  • Not as energy saving.

This particular piece from NITEBIRD is a Strip LED light that can be controlled by devices and does not need a remote as such to control it. The light system can be connected to an Alexa or a Google Home and can also be compared to a SIRI if anyone decides to do so either too with the help of a smart connection. The product offers over 16 million color schemes and different modes also. An app can control this particular device called the Gosund app, which helps switch the colors, dim, and even helps in switching the system on and off. The light also adapts to music being played and offers a more excellent dynamic and immersive experience. The light is USB-powered, and adhesive tape can be used to stick into areas that make the environment commendable. All of this provided for a price of $ 18.99

  • Controlled by an app.
  • Can be connected to Smart devices.
  • Various color schemes.
  • Not as energy saving.

This particular strip from My Plus is a great DIY (Do it yourself) LED light, which allows the user to make an environment that best suits his or her interests. This particular strip comes with a selection of 13 primary colors to chose from, while it also provides the user with 16 intensity levels, which allows him or her to adjust the brightness accordingly. Other than the details mentioned above, the LED light system also offers about six modes to work with, including a dimmable option. The policy on this LED strip can be controlled by an L-type remote, which has a range of 8 meters. The remote also comes with an ‘M’ button, which stands for manual and is used to build a manually interfaced environment for the user’s convenience. The product comes with a 30-day return policy and is available for a cost of $22.99.

  • The remote comes with an option of manually created environment.
  • Adjustable features.
  • Limited color schemes.
  • Expensive than rest.

Best Buy

From all the products mentioned above the one which best suits the title of “ Best LED Strips For PC” is the one by LITSOUL. This particular product offers the user with an extensive amount of colors to work with while at the same time offering 20 dynamic modes. It is controlled by an app for easy use and due to flexible PCB can be installed in almost all areas without having to worry about the durability.

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