Best LED Strips For PC Case

Best LED Strips For PC Case Reviews 2020

When one owns a Personal Computer it is very much natural for them to want it to look neat and presentable, but with all that said and done to revamp your computer isn’t as easy as decorating your laptop with stickers and tape. To give a personal computer a touch of your own perspective and design you need to focus on smaller details which make it look all the more worthwhile. For an example the more you would try to work on your outer design on your computer the more bland it looks. If one manages to light up the inside of their CPU say with an LED light this makes it look all the more better if he or she then wants to add stickers or things as such. Not only doe the light give the PC a better look but it also makes it easier to find wires and to also untangle them while at the same time making it look neater and much more attractive to the eye.

Here are the “ Best LED Strips For PC Case” :

This LED strip from AIRGOO is designed mainly to provide a subtle effect on the Motherboard. The light is a basic RGB, which means it gives a balanced color scheme and temperature, which is suitable and attractive to the eye. The product comes with two super bright LED strips, which is great for designing your PC case as it gives a delicate balance of colors between the RGB color scheme. Furthermore, this also provides the user with a chance to develop the PC case the way he or she wants it. While gamers would love what the strip has to offer when it comes to the vast array color animation, lastly, it is a 4-pin RGB strip which is compatible with most cases while being available for a cost of $ 17.79.

  • Cheap and reasonable pricing.
  • Offers a vary of colour animation to work with.
  • The strip is compatible with selected accessories.

Listed for $17.99, this particular product from SPECLUX is made to give the user a vast array of options to work with for the most limited of price ranges. Designed for a Motherboard with a 4-pin RGB LED strip, this particular product offers distinction to your case. The product comes with 3 LED strips which provide better RGB sync effects and a much brighter look to the PC case. Each strip comes built-in with almost seven pieces of magnet, which gives the user a sense of freedom when he or she is setting the strip up, as the attraction provides the user with a chance even to reach the depths of his PC case. Lastly, the piece comes with a year-long warranty, which provides the user with an assurance.

  • The product comes with 3 LED strips.
  • Magnets on each side give the user a lot to work with.
  • Only compatible with certain products

This strip from NZXT is an excellent product which provides a dynamic lighting system that gives the user’s personal computer a distinct new look. The product comes with two LED strips with one strip having ten individual LED lights, which offers a brighter yet more sophisticated appearance. The Hue can be mixed and matched to the user’s choice while preset, custom modes within the light’s framework provide the user with an elegant and diversified amount of design and animations to work with, which creates the perfect look for the PC case. The tape also comes double-sided and is easy to install and can be adjusted according to the user’s wishes due to it. The product is available for a reasonable cost of $ 18.99.

  • Each strip has 10 individual LED’s.
  • Preset custom modes provide the user with added options of colors.
  • Remote Controller and RGB fan sold separately.

Another product from AIRGOO, this particular model is a slightly altered one from the one mentioned above. Like it’s counterpart, this LED strip, too, is made mainly for the Motherboard but with a 3-pin digital RGB header. The light strip comes with a dual system of magnets and double-sided adhesive tape, which allows the user to place it in any dry platform or even metallic parts. The dual nature of the light offers the user a broader field for making their PC case one to look at. The LED strip comes with a 5-level brightness that works with a 5 level speed dynamics, which offers the piece with versatility and diversity of options. All of this can be controlled by a remote, which allows the user to have an animation and design which can be shaped as per his will. All of this comes available for a price of $ 21.99.

  • Comes with magnets and adhesive tape for more flexible options.
  • Remote controls the brightness and speed.
  • Only compatible with selected products.

This particular strip from My Plus is a great DIY (Do it yourself) LED light, which allows the user to make an environment that best suits his or her interests. This particular strip comes with a selection of 13 primary colors to chose from, while it also provides the user with 16 intensity levels, which allows him or her to adjust the brightness accordingly. Other than the details mentioned above, the LED light system also offers about six modes to work with, including a dimmable option. The policy on this LED strip can be controlled by an L-type remote, which has a range of 8 meters. The remote also comes with an ‘M’ button, which stands for manual and is used to build a manually interfaced environment for the user’s convenience. The product comes with a 30-day return policy and is available for a cost of $22.99.

  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to install.
  • 10 vibrant colors to chose from.
  • Expensive than the rest.
  • Compatible only with few devices.

Best Buy

From all the products mentioned above the one which best fits the title of “ Best LED Strips For PC Cases “ is the AIRGOO RGB, although compatible with selected products this particular strip offers a wide range of noticeable features. Like the remote controlled 5-speed and brightness levels offers the user with more originality to work with, while the magnet and adhesive tape makeup gives the user an option to use the strip to design his PC with no fuss and durability.

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