Top 6 Picks for Best Rated LED Work Lights Review 2020

Whether you agree or not, work lights are necessary for every workspace, either dark or ill-lit. If you are working with hazardous items like nails, hammers, cutters, etc. it is imperative that the surrounding is bright and visible. It is often hard to find the perfect lighting as if so the ideal angle to focus the light on.

The solution is here- light and portable, easy to use, bright LED work lights. And trust us when we say this, it has changed how efficiently we can work in the dark, dimly lit workspaces. You may ask if a LED work light meets all our requirements and fits in the budget. The answer is yes. We are about to list down our top 6 recommendations for the LED work lights available.

The 6 Best LED Work Lights for 2020

As mentioned above, here are our top choices.

1. OTYTY 2 COB LED 30W 1500L Rechargeable Work LightBest Multipurpose Work Light

The COB LED 30-Watt handheld work light is super light and portable. The devices can be controlled by a waterproof switch and switch the settings between high, low, and strobe. 2 18650 lithium-ion batteries, each in-built and rechargeable. It also consists of 4 AA batteries, which you can externally charge using a micro USB input. It also comes with 2 USB cables for multi-purpose use.

This high-performance device each becomes a battery bank of 3.7V 4200mAh when charged fully. You can easily carry a device around and use it to charge other devices with a standard USB port with an output of 5V 1A DC.

As the name suggests, both the devices are incredibly lightweight, considering the in-built batteries and together weighs around 11.03oz. It is an entirely waterproof device with a rating IP65 and is made up of Aluminum + ABS + PC material.

In terms of efficiency, the device does not get discharged quickly and gives you around 2-3 hours of bright/full power lighting and 5-6 hours of low lighting.

Needless to say its uses in multiple areas like in car repair shops, in the basement of the house, small in-house garages. Its lightweight and high battery capacity can support you in outdoor activities like fishing, camping, hiking, etc.


  • This LED COB light is cordless and can be adjusted to 180 degrees with its lampstand
  • The lights work as power banks, which can be used to charge mobiles and tablets during an emergency
  • The brightness can be adjusted in 3 modes using a simple switch
  • As the lights are waterproof, they can be quite efficient during outdoor activities and in rains


  • No option to hang or mount the lights for hands-free work

2. Olafus 60W LED Work LightBest in Brightness

The superior brightening, 60Watts LED Work light by Olafus, is equivalent to 400Watts halogen bulbs. It consists of 95 bright LED chips, which produces around 6000 Lumen.

It has a three-position switch at the back of the device, which can control two brightness modes. One is high- 60W 6000 Lumen, and the other is low- 30W 3000 Lumen.

The device is made of aluminum, and the finest quality tempered glass with yellow mate finishing. It has a unique heat distribution mechanism, which releases extra heat, thereby increasing the battery life to 50,000 hours, equivalent to 13 years of lighting if used 10 hours per day. Waterproofing is done to obtain the IP65 standard to make it work correctly in every environmental condition.

Structurally, the light is provided with two knobs which allow 180-degree vertical rotation of the lightbox and 360-degree horizontal wheel of the structure, without replacing the entire device.

It is mounted on 2 rods, and the angle of the light beam is adjusted with the knobs. It is powered with a 6.6 feet cord with an input voltage of 100-240 Volts A/C and weighs 5.04 pounds.


  • Highly portable and easy to rotate and adjust the light beam’s angle, suitable for any complex work terrain.
  • A waterproof and shockproof device with a unique three-position on-off switch.
  • Two levels of lightning mode for both long and short distance illumination.
  • All parts are detachable, hence easy to store.


  • It is powered with a 6.6 feet cable, which is not ideal for outdoor activities without a plug point.
  • The knobs can be difficult to adjust at times.

3. Dewalt (DCL050) 20V MAX LED Work LightBest in Portability

Another handheld, immensely lightweight, portable, and cheap work light that works remarkably is the DEWALT MAX model. It has 3 LED lights that are best for low light areas. The sleek design has two brightness modes- 250 lumens and 500 lumens, which means maximum light output or more run time.

The device includes a pivoted head that allows 140-degree rotation, convenient for the user to point the light source in any direction. The device runs on a rechargeable battery of maximum initial battery voltage being 20 volts and nominal voltage being 18 volts. It has a fantastic battery life, as most users claimed, with 22 hours of run time.

This device’s unique feature is an inbuilt telescopic head and a 360-degree rotating hook, and a molded lens cover for extra protection. And it weighs just 11.4 ounces. You can either hand the device from the hook or keep it standing; the device works flawlessly in lowly lit or dark areas.


  • It is incredibly lightweight and sleek with a 360-degree rotational head.
  • Two brightness settings- 250 lumens and 500 lumens with 3 LED lights
  • The device has long battery life.


  • The package does not include the battery and charger.

4. LePower 50W LED Flood Light OutdoorBest in Price

A great floodlight used for any outdoor activities is the LEPOWER 50Watt power light can produce up to 3500-4000 lumen white shadow-free light and efficiently replace a 250Watt Halogen bulb. It proves to save up to 80% of electricity. It provides a 120-degree wide beam, anti-glare light, and is perfect for outdoors.

The device comes with a metal bracket made up of aluminum and tempered glass with adjustable screws on both sides. You can set up the light by just adjusting the angle and tightening the screws.

It is also designed with heat sink fins, releasing extra heat and increasing its lifespan to 30,000 hours.
The shockproof safety plug has a ground wire connection and works with 120Volt input. The device is also designed to be waterproof as per IP66 rating and can withstand extreme climate changes.


  • It comes with 59 inches long wired to be connected to turn on light.
  • Runs on very little power of 120Volts.
  • It has an in-built heat dissipation mechanism, which increases the device lifespan.


  • It does not have an in-built battery for powerless usage.

5. TACKlife 5000LM 50W LED Work LightBest in Durability

This listing remains incomplete without the TACKlife super brightening portable floodlight, producing up to 5000 Lumen. This LED light can be easily replaced with a 400 Watts Halogen bulb, saving up to 80% electricity.

What makes the device highly versatile and portable is the thinnest aluminum body of 1.2mm and waterproof, a high-quality internal circuit as per the IP65 standard. The device weighs 5.94 pounds. The service hours of this device is about 30,000 hours despite heavy-duty usage.

It has a carefully arranges internal circuit and heat dissipation system in the black unit, which is efficient in increasing the device’s life-span.

The advanced technology work light produces light at an angle of 120 degrees with its high-quality beaded lamp with 100 lumen/watt efficiency.

The structure has two adjustable knobs; one can be adjusted to move the device vertically up to 270 degrees and the other knob to rotate 360 degrees.


  • It allows heavy-duty usage due to the thin aluminum body and tempered glass.
  • Heat releasing capacity and waterproof design.
  • It is a portable light with easily adjustable and flexible lamp heads.


  • It needs an external power source to light up.

6. Ustellar 5500LM 55W LED Work LightBest in Design

The ultra-thin, bright illuminating, user friendly LED work light by Ustellar can produce up to 5500 Lumens of white daylight. It can easily replace a 400-Watt halogen bulb, saving tons of energy, around 80%.

The device has a lithium battery, which is rechargeable and uses the input of 110-240 Volts, which is very common in the household.

The material of this device is an aluminum-alloy mixture, which makes it efficient and portable. It comes with knobs that can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.

Like most other devices in this list, this has a waterproof body as per IP65 standards. It also has a heat sink which releases heat systematically whenever necessary. This device is hands down one of the best work lights to be carried to construction sites and dusty workplaces.


It has a light and durable aluminum alloy structure, which allows wide-angle rotation.
The package comes with a 16.4 feet cable, which is long enough for connectivity from external switch-boards.
Heat dissipation unit along with rechargeable lithium battery for long term usage


There is no mention of UL ground wiring or safety cables.

Things You Should Consider While Choosing A Work Light


The most crucial factor that you should be looking for in a work light is the device’s lumen output.

So, you need to access the job and its requirement of the light before buying any product. For dark and no light places, you need to consider a lumen output of 3000-5000, which is maximum.

But for areas which have a little light and if you are not handling threatening jobs, a work light with 150-500 lumen should suffice.

Anchoring System

The next and final thing to look into a device is the anchoring system. It all depends on your preference and comfort. If you need the work light only for household purposes or small outdoor activities, handheld, small compact devices are the best for you.

In contrast, lights with large tripods and stands can be used by mechanical and electrical professionals. Work lights serve a purpose of making your workspace brighter and less congested, so make sure you are making the correct choice.

Power source

Another most important factor to take care of is whether your LED work light is battery powered by an electric source.

For instance, if you need the light for outdoor activities like camping, barbeque, or a walk in the woods, you will need a battery-operated device.

While on the other hand, if you are working in a construction or mining site, you can afford to have the A/C powered light source, as there is a constant energy source. So, make sure you decide the functions before placing an order.


You might want to choose a device that is both versatile and flexible. It can be quite challenging to carry around a bulky structure for outdoor activities or small tasks.

The massive structures with tripods can be carried to places where it will remain fixed and do not require movement. The device should not overheat with usage and have additional protection against rain (which is the most common natural phenomenon), snow, dust, etc.

Final Verdict

The markets are flooded with good work lights, and not everyone can deliver the promise they make.

So, you have to make sure you are selecting a product that fits your needs. Do think about the job roles you will accomplish after getting the product and its versatility. We will go for the OTYTY 2 COB LED 30W 1500L work light if we were to choose.

Affordable, high illumination, lightweight, functions as a power bank, too; what more does one need? It is the best work light available in the market these days.