Best Replacement 921 LED Bulbs For RV

Best Replacement 921 LED Bulbs For RV Reviews 2020

If you happen to have an RV and love going on long comfortable road trips with your family, you must always check on the necessary items before you head off. Basic necessities like food and water supply are always kept in mind but few necessary details that are very essential can always be left out. One such item can be the replacement bulbs for your RV just as the food and the water are essential so is the light . A 921 LED bulb is usually considered by most RV’s and are so due to their lumen being brighter than most and also because their size is rather larger than most LED lights and are fit for larger vehicles. The bulb also has a very less Wattage (around 1.5-2 Watt) compared to an incandescent bulb while also working for longer periods of time ( approx 40,000-50,000 hours).

Here are the “ Best Replacement 921 LED Bulbs For RV ” :

This product from AUTO US90 is a great piece which provides the user with the needed amount of lighting. With a 12 V DC voltage this particular piece does not take up much of the battery charge while still illuminating your travel home. The light installs in minutes and does not take up much time or energy. It emits a warm white colour which does not give out much temperature and glows in low light making it effective especially for an RV. The bulb also lasts for 50,000+ hours and gives a complete bright look to your RV for an extended amount of time. This LED piece comes available for a price of $15.99.

  • Lasts for 50,000 hours and more.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Warm white lighting.
  • You may need to tap on the load resistors for few vehicles.

Each light bulb has got 42 individual LED chip sets which provide better emission and also a reduced amount of hotspots which enables the bulb to stay at a low temperature. Furthermore it has got a colour temperature of 400K-4500K which gives the user a nice shade in the RV especially with the light being a warm white which gives out a nice cozy feel. It consumes about 2.4 Watts of energy which is significantly lower and the light produced shines up to 600 lumen making it brighter than most. The lights are also eco-friendly and are certified to have no UV or IR radiation while also coming with a year long guarantee. All of this comes provided for a price tag of $16.49.

  • Low consumption of energy.
  • Shines pretty bright.
  • No harmful radiation emitted.
  • Might give off unwanted heat if kept running for long.

These bulbs from SRRB are made to give the RV a look that matches and lights up like home. With a single bulb having around 51 LED chip sets the SRRB LED provides a 360 degree viewing to the user and disperses light to the farthest corners of the room. The light produced is of a 750 lumen comes in a natural white colour and has no added tints with the colour temperature being from 3000k to about 4000K which provide the user with a greater shade of the light shed. Furthermore it lasts for about 30,000 hours and come with a decreased temperature output and giving the RV a much cooler environment. Finally the LED comes with a 1-year warranty and is available for a price of $ 16.99.

  • Year Warranty.
  • Lasts for 30,000 hours.
  • Covers a larger area.
  • The life span is much lesser compared to other companies.

The KOHREE LED light is a great pick for those who are looking for a lighting which is bright but not so bright that it feels almost blinding. This bulb shines at a lumen level of 500 lm which is brighter than most halogen lights. This light also comes with a 360 degree shining angle which gives the bulb a great dispersing factor which reaches the farthest corners of the room. The colour temperature is at a moderate 4000K which gives the user a great colour scheme with no added tints as the colour provided is a warm shade of white. The bulb is also mercury and UV free which means it is safe and non toxic. The bulb lasts for a time of 25,000 hours which is not a bad time span. 

All of this is provided for a pretty decent sum of $19.99.

  • Nice colour temperature balance.
  • Nice angle for light to be dispersed.
  • The bulb isn’t as power saving as the others.

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