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What LED Light Is Best For Bathroom Reviews 2020

When it comes to lighting your bathroom not many people give attention to details as the focus is usually always on the plumbing and sanitation department. Although people may ignore the lighting in bathrooms it is important to notice what kind of lighting you want to give as the bathroom is the place where most people groom themselves and also the place where people actually spend time looking in the mirror. If you were to be in an ill lighted room than there are the possibilities that you are going to head out shabby or not really groom yourself much and look disheveled. Furthermore one of the most common places to leave the lights switched on is the bathroom and if you do not have an energy saving bulb you might be costing yourself a lot of money too. The point is that the bathroom although being one of the most insignificant rooms at people’s houses still needs more attention than we think.

What LED Light is the Best For Bathroom ?

With a Color Temperature of about 2700K this product from HYPERIKON is a great LED option to use in washrooms which not only offers a nice balance in color but does not give off much heat either. The light offers a 800 lumen discharge which is bright enough to give yourself a much needed illumination while it’s 25,000 hours of lighting capability brings to the table a durable factor too. The LED also offers a dimming option which works smoothly to provide a user with 100 to 20% of dimming ability. All of this is covered with a 5-year long warranty which promises a replacement if it fails to last or give the promised performance. This comes available for a price of $ 17.95.

  • 800 lumen gives a bright experience.
  • year long warranty.
  • Dimming option available.
  • Color temperature provided might be good but isn’t well balanced.

This product from AAMZONBASICS is a nice sustaining LED which comes in a pack of six. The light offers an illumination with a discharge of almost a 1000 lumen which is bright and gives off a nice glow to your bathroom in no time. Compared to a normal incandescent bulb this LED bulb only takes about 11.5 watts of energy and lasts up to 15,000 hours which adds up to almost 13 years if one manages to use the bulb for 3 hours a day. The color temperature on this bulb is a recommended 5000K which offers a stimulating experience and creates a brighter atmosphere. This product comes available for a cost of $22.99.

  • Low energy consumption.
  • Recommended color temperature.
  • Bright 1000 lumen LED.
  • Not Dimmable.
  • No warranty.

One of the most trusted companies world wide this product from PHILIPS is a great energy saving LED bulb which offers a nice bright illuminating factor to the room. Compared to a 60 Watt Incandescent Bulb the PHILIPS LED bulb uses almost 80% lesser energy but at the same time provides almost the same amount of illumination at around 800 lumen and offers durability with almost 11,000 hours of longevity(Which is almost three years , with 3 hours of everyday use). Furthermore the bulb offers a color temperature of about 2700K which provides a nice tint to the room without giving off much heat. The light does not offer with it any flicker, glare or color rendition and is trustworthy to say the least. This piece comes provided for a respectable sum of $ 24.97.

  • Energy saving at 8.5 W.
  • Offers a bright illumination at around 800 lumen.
  • Not Dimmable.
  • Color temperature isn’t balanced.

This product from TORCHSTAR is a piece which is made not only to provide proper illumination but also save money from your pockets in the long run. Saving almost 88% of energy compared to a 60W Incandescent bulb this bulb is listed to take about 7W of energy. This bulb is dimmable and offers a dimming percentile from about 100-10% without any added flickering or pausing in between. Furthermore the color temperature on this particular product s a well balanced 5000K which is a great number as it offers a nice color to the room and at the same time a temperature which isn’t too hot or too cold. The illumination is bright enough with an output of almost 500 lumen which might not be great for living rooms but perfect for bathrooms. This bulb does not contain any unnecessary particles like mercury and does not give out harmful radiation like UV rays, this is protected with a 3-year warranty and comes for a price of $ 29.59.

  • Energy saving at 7W.
  • Offers Balanced color temperature.
  • No flickering with dimming option.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • The lumen output maybe too dark for few.

A company based in the U.S SUNCO is a manufacturer that produces bulbs which are efficient and at the same time durable and long lasting. Much more expensive than the ones mentioned above this particular product from SUNCO comes at a price of $ 29.99. The bulb offers a dimmable option which goes down to a percantage level from 100-10% which gives the user many shade to work with accoriding to the environment around. It is energy saving with an energy consumption of 6 watts while the colour temperature provided is at 3000K. The light is adjustable as to which angle the user would rather have it at and the color temperature provided gives a warm white touch to the room. Furthermore it offers a greater and longer longevity while cutting out the possibilities of buzzing and flickering to provide optimal comfort.

  • The ligh comes as Dimmable.
  • There is no Buzzing and flickering providing optimal comfort.
  • Energy saving.
  • The color temperature is not balanced.
  • Expensive than the rest.

Best Buy

From all the products mentioned above the one which best answers the question of “ What LED Light Is Best For The Bathroom “ is the one from TORCHSTAR. The LED bulb might not be bright enough compared to the rest at 500 lumen but is good enough when comparing it to a bathroom sized room. Fiurthermore it offers great energy retention with a 3-year warranty and at the same time a dimmable percentage which ranges from about 100-10%. The color temperature provided only adds to the positives as it offers a well balanced 5000K color temperature which provides a nice warm environment.

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